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Why Use Video?

of all web traffic is video
more informative than text
increased user engagement

Video is a simple and engaging way to speak directly to your audience through any device. Video conveys complex messages and ideas in a matter of seconds, creating a bond with viewers and growing a sense of trust.  Everyone uses video, yet most have yet to truly utilise its potential.

By incorporating your digital marketing strategy into every stage of production, you’re ensured that all content is on brand and designed to engage with your target market in every foreseeable way. Not only that, but video is easily re-shareable! It doesn’t just sit on the shelf and gather dust, but is constantly gaining new views and can be incorporated into future campaigns and other promotional events.

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Every business has a story to tell, something that makes them unique. The key to a good video is conveying this to the audience in a compelling way. Showing them what makes you special as opposed to just telling them it is so! We’re masters at representing brands in the best possible way by telling your story in a visually compelling way. From local SME’s to huge international brands, we’ve worked with some of the most recognisable brands out there but also helped grow domestic startups by showcasing their unique talents through video

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Whether you’re launching a product or showcasing a new service feature, video is central to informing your customers in an engaging and dynamic way. Short, social media length videos can be published directly to various social media channels, whereas longer in depth videos can be embededd directly into your website. Whatever the reason, showing what makes your productor service different and worth wanting is easiest when you very simply show your customers why this is the case

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An event is the perfect place to connect directly with your customers, but also a chance to capture the same magic in video form! By chroniciling your event in its entirely with interviews, vox pops, timelapses and speeches all recorded in full, you’re left a virtual library of video content which as always is resharable. We also offer direct social media management, allowing content created on the day to be published directly to your social channels and allowing for instant audience engagement and increased reach and impressions

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Style & Fashion

Setting the trend isn’t easy, you need the style, you need an edge, you need something unique. What better way to do all these things than by creating a mode appropriate, stylish and dynamic video. Behind the scenes shoots, catwalk shows, advertising campaigns, you name it we’ve done. We’ve also worked with some of the largest creative and retail brands both at home and abroad, approaching each and every project with passion and creativity that are central to everything we do

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There’s nothing quite like a birds eyes view, looking down at the world below in all it’s majesty. Our aerial imagery can help orientate your customers, simply showing where your business is located or just giving you that extra visual edge and helping set your video apart from others. It’s not just outdoors though, our highly skilled, fully licenses and insured drone operators are able to fly indoors, allowing for visually distinctive shots at much cheaper rates than traditional productions methods

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Then there’s all our other work, a vast library of creative content, made of up short films, music videos, web series, teasers and trailers and charitable cause awareness videos, with many of these projects being driven by some of our founding staff members. Our award winning creative projects have wowed audiences around the world be seen by millions. Luckily for you all of this comes easy to a group of skilled filmmakers like us and we’re always on the look out for the next aware winning project

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Video is the future of digital marketing

We understand that content is king and pride ourselves on creating beautifully crafted, cinema quality videos that are exciting, memorable and help you stand out from the competition. The difference between a video and something professionally produced is instantly obvious to your audience and will help you stand out in the crowd.

Video shouldn’t cost an arm and leg! With our bespoke digital workflow we’ve significantly reduced production times resulting in lower costs and faster turnarounds without any compromise in quality. We have a wealth of experience creating all forms of content and are directly involved in every stage of production. We understand that content is king and pride ourselves on creating beautifully crafted, cinema quality videos that are exciting, memorable and help you stand out from the competition.

High Quality

Shoot Cut Grade operate on the latest digital recording equipment, ensuring that every image capture is as crisp and clean as possible

Cost Effective

Our innovative digital workflow means faster turnarounds, less time editing and reduced project costs, without sacrificing quality

Engaging Content

We aim to turn every search into a found by effectively connecting our clients with their target audience on a personal and engaging level

Avenues To Help Your Business Grow


Cut to the core of the matter by hearing directly from the source, be that your staff, partners, customers or the general public


Get a better view of the grand scheme of things by rising above it all and manipulating time itself


Instantly memorable stories that touch your audience on a personal level and are easily re-sharable


From green-screen to custom animations and bespoke motion graphics, give your project that Hollywood flare

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Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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