Learning should be fun

Learning should be fun!

At SCG we aim to provide the ultimate resource for children and teens who are looking to hone their filmmaking skills or test the waters as a hobby or potential career.

Our focus is on educating students about all of the “behind the camera” roles, such as production, direction, camerawork, editing and the latest visual effects, in a fun and supportive environment.

We do this with practical, hands-on experience working alongside a crew of their age appropriate peers, and guided by our team of experienced creators.

What are the benefits of production training for children?

Here at Shoot Cut Grade we believe that it is important to encourage children and teens to explore and develop their creative talents. The Irish film industry is thriving with multi-million euro studios being built across the island and the production training programme we offer is a great way to help educate the filmmakers of the future.

By focusing on the four Cs (Creativity, Collaboration, Confidence and Content) we not only help them to develop their skills but also their character.


Filmmaking, TV and online content production are the most cutting edge mediums for artistic and creative expression, teaching kids concepts such as: visual storytelling vs narrative storytelling (Show don’t Tell), what goes into a shot (Mise-En-Scene & metaphor) as well as the key practical skills of planning and scheduling.

By engaging their creativity, your children can learn to express themselves in a healthy way in a safe environment.


Whatever area of expertise your child is looking to grow in, their confidence in expressing themselves and communicating that to their peers will be fundamental.

We can help to build that confidence in a fun and supportive environment – where there are never any wrong answers, just different ways in achieving shared goals.


Filmmaking is one of the few truly collaborative mediums, with input from many different fields and lots of unique perspectives required to come together. Each project will help your child build core skills such as: teamwork, communication and compromise.

The collaborative experience will help them to build both their communication and social skills.


Ultimately each student will contribute something to a single creative piece, and at the end of each semester your child will leave with a credited piece of content to their name supplied in hard copy, as well as new friendships with like minded peers that can last a lifetime.

Meet the Crew!

Shoot Cut Grade have been creating award winning productions for over 10 years with the help of our very talented team including…

Roisin O’Gorman
Roisin O’GormanToddler Specialist
With over a decade of experience in childcare, and filmmaking experience to match, Roisin helps us bridge the gap between professional quality productions and fun, youth focused activities.
James Galvin
James GalvinChild Specialist
Cannes award winning producer and managing director of E3XS film studio, Jimmy is passionate about filmmaking and honoured to help inspire the next generation of oscar-winning Irish talent.
Lisa Coyle
Lisa CoyleAccount Manager
An experienced filmmaker and currently a student of Child Psychology, Lisa has found that her real passion lies behind the camera, helping others to bring their visions to life. Mad as a bag of spiders.
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